“Its not racist to question our Immigration ” and Politicians will never bring America back.

Over the past week or two, one immigration story has captured the attention of the country.

Kathryn SteinleKathryn Steinle, a 32-year-old woman in San Francisco, was brutally murdered by an illegal alien who’d previously been deported five times. Killer Juan Lopez-Sanchez admitted to the deed, telling a local news outlet that he specifically chose to go to San Francisco because it’s a “sanctuary city” — meaning, it doesn’t enforce immigration laws.

Obama’s Department of Justice has allowed these cities to openly defy federal law,

Matt Walsh

Sanchez says he killed the young woman while hopped up on sleeping pills he found in a trash can. Giving different versions of the story at various times, he first said he shot the gun at sea lions, and then said he accidentally discharged it three times in the direction of Ms. Steinle. Those explanations are difficult to take seriously, but whatever the case, as other countries look to assimilate only the best, brightest, and most morally upstanding into their ranks, we open our arms to convicted felons who scavenge in dumpsters for discarded prescription pills before shooting our neighbors to death.

th The story about Kathryn Steinle, an innocent woman who’d likely still be alive if not for progressive immigration policies, is not the important immigration-related story that’s so dominated our national conversation. It hasn’t gotten much coverage at all, outside of conservative outlets. What really shocked the left and it’s Media including some Obama puppets (RHINO’S) in our country was, of course, Donald Trump’s now infamous remark about illegals who “bring crime and drugs.” Because saying some illegals are murderers is far worse than illegals actually murdering, it turns out.    (Matt Walsh)

Trump’s accurate statements led to condemnations from many quarters of society, including easily persuaded or intimidated runners in the Republican presidential field.

Boehner and McConnell John Boehner and Mitch McConnell  have become the Democrat Party’s lapdogs. No change will occur in this country with the RINOS in charge of the Republican Party. They need to be ousted

we are a bunch of very very foolishly led people. Perhaps Donald has roused our sleeping Americans. “Its not racist to question” and “Politicians will never bring America back.”  (Trump)