Those hurting will have to continue to hurt until they die. And, those needing meds for serious illnesses will have to die. 10 drugs that cost more than a car.

Crowd SignsSooooo…. where does the “affordable” come in to play???
Some may feel the title is a bit to strong. But, Politically correct and the propaganda fed to we Senior Citizens is appalling.It’s time Seniors Faced the Horrors of this Healthcare Bill and this Administration.
Seniors worked and paid and the government took the money and spent it. Now 14 million mostley uneducated illegals will automatically be eligible for social Security, food stamps,ect ect.(The Gang of Eight Immigration bill) deceptive information that is systematically being spread that hides the simple fact that most of these illegals will earn $22,000 or less so, pay no taxes on that amount and will be eligible for all Government handouts.You tell me how this bodes for Seniors. Congress will not stand up and fight for us. Democratic leaders like Debbi Wasserman Scultz and Bill Nelson spin their” Obama weasel juice” to senior citizens here in Florida.
Read below: 10 drugs that cost more than a car.

The Washington Times Reported:
The White House promised to let the drug industry continue to set their own drug prices
Obama administration cut backroom deals with the nation’s top drug companies to win support for President Obama’s health care overhaul, threatening them with steeper taxes if they resisted and promising a better financial deal for the industry if they acquiesced
Obama agreed to drop his long-standing support for letting Americans buy cheaper foreign prescription drugs — something the pharmaceutical industry vehemently opposed — and the drugmakers promised to mount a public campaign to sell the public on the health care legislation.
The threats appeared to work, and the parties met the next month to hammer out a final deal. The drug companies agreed to pay higher Medicaid rebates and a new health care reform fee to raise $80 billion for the legislation, and promised to run positive television ads about it.
In exchange, the White House gave them direct input into the new policies and promised to let them continue to set their own drug prices
the Whitehouse bypassed members of its own party to iron out specific details with the drug companies. read more>

By Leah Culler, MSN Money
10 drugs that cost more than a car.
Pharmaceuticals that cost well north of $100,000 for a course of treatment are far from rare these days.
The Affordable Care Act, which goes fully into effect next year, could mean that patients with cancer, multiple sclerosis, rheumatoid arthritis and other conditions will pay more toward the cost of their expensive medications. In California, for instance, patients could end up paying as much as 30% of the cost for some pricey drugs, according to The Associated Press. Other states have said they will set flat co-pays, even for high-priced “specialty drugs.”
In case you have been lucky enough not to encounter these drugs, we’re not talking about a $3 bottles of aspirin. Many of these designer drugs can hit six figures for a single course of treatment.
Here are 10 of the priciest drugs currently on the market:
This drug, once available for $50 a dose, now costs $28,000 for a 5-milliliter vial, according to an article last year in The New York Times. The drug, once used primarily to treat spasms in infants, is now marketed by Questcor as a treatment for multiple sclerosis, nephrotic syndrome and rheumatologic conditions.
Avastin, from Genentech, slows the growth of new blood vessels and is prescribed to treat a number of cancers. It has been shown to prolong the lives of some cancer patients by several months, but the medication can cost as much as $100,000 a year.
This drug is used to treat a condition called Gaucher disease, which causes lumps of fat to build up in the heart, brain and spleen. The condition results from a missing enzyme, which used to be replaced using a drug made from human placentas. Cerezyme, a newer version of the drug, is made by Genzyme with genetically engineered hamster cells. The treatment can cost $200,000 per year, and it must be continued for the life of the patient.
This drug, from Shire Human Genetic Therapies, is prescribed to treat Hunter syndrome, a rare genetic disorder that affects males almost exclusively and causes a variety of symptoms, including mental impairment and problems with mobility. Hunter syndrome patients have severely shortened life expectancy. Elaprase, an enzyme replacement therapy, has been found to decrease the symptoms of Hunter syndrome and improve the ability of patients to walk. It costs about $375,000 per year, according to Forbes.
This drug is used to treat patients with T-cell lymphoma who don’t respond to treatment or whose cancer recurs. The drug, made by Allos Therapeutics, works by killing cancer cells, thus shrinking tumors; it costs about $30,000 a month.
This is the newest — and most expensive, at $115,000 a year — of a number of drugs used to treat chronic myeloid leukemia. Ariad, the company behind Iclusig, has said its drug has proved to be effective for patients who aren’t helped by other treatments.
This drug, made by Alexion Pharmaceuticals, is used to treat the rare blood disease paroxysmal nocturnal hemoglobinuria, as well as the kidney disorder atypical hemolytic-uremic syndrome. It has been described as the most expensive drug in the world, at an annual cost of $409,500, according to Forbes.

This just-approved treatment for multiple sclerosis from Biogen Idec costs about $55,000 per patient per year. Two earlier oral drugs for MS, Gilenya and Aubagio, cost $60,000 and $45,000, respectively. All three are prescribed to treat flare-ups of symptoms in the relapsing form of MS.

Pfizer last year got Food and Drug Administration approval for this new, more affordable treatment option for rheumatoid arthritis, which is expected to cost $25,000 a year. (It’s about 7% cheaper than other existing options, according to European authorities recently recommended against allowing the treatment there, citing concerns about its safety and efficacy.

When this drug came on the market as a treatment for colorectal cancer, Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center refused to use it because of its $11,000-a-month price tag. Three doctors from the hospital penned a New York Times opinion piece lashing out at what they called a health care system that often fails to take costs into account. The doctors pointed out that the newly approved drug was no better than existing — and cheaper — medications. After the column ran, Sanofi, the company that markets the drug, announced it Loading…

2345 April Faure  This just makes me sick. luckily not one of the sicks that require one of these drugs. I know research is expensive, but this is just evil greed. This is one of the reasons we have such a healthcare nightmare in this country. I think that patent length needs to be shortened. There are meds that I need that I can’t afford because of no generic. Raising the price of an existing drug because it is found to cure something else like the one mentioned in this article is the same as price gouging during a disaster, and should be just as illegal. And it probably doesn’t cost any more to produce these 10 drugs than it does that $3 bottle of asprin.
NOTE TO CONGRESS!!!!!!!! You are the sorriest bunch of people I have ever known of! NOT A ONE OF YOU deserve more tnan MINIMUM WAGES!!! IF ANY ONE OF YOU can think of a reason you deserve full time pay for a part time job done so poorly, ” The Affordable Care Act… could mean that patients with cancer, multiple sclerosis, rheumatoid arthritis and other conditions will pay more toward the cost of their expensive medications.”
Sooooo…. where does the “affordable” come in to play?????????? I see nothing affordable about it.

letsgo21 PMdrugs that used to be cheap and now cost more… greed is what it is and the federal govt lets the crooks get away with it !!!! its a multi billion/trillion dollar business and running amok !!! no end in sight they want to keep people on druge for a cure would put the greedy pill pushers out of business …the difference between a drug dealer and the drug companies is the drug companies got a license to sell

BeingHonest08031   This article simply means those hurting will have to continue to hurt until they die. And, those needing meds for serious illnesses will have to die. Why do more than 300 million Americans not turn out in the streets over this???
I will never know.

This will hit all of us at one time or another. This is the time for an all out rebellion in this country!! How could saltrap be cut in half after exposure if it cost nearly that much to produce? I don’t think any pill can cost more than a few dollars to make. We have no leadership in this country. It is time we all get in the streets!!! ..
This article points out what I’ve been thinking for a long time. The FDA (Future Destruction of America, here today) along with the legal drug lords are here for one thing: To take every penny one has or can beg, borrow or steal. And, we have a CONgress that is allowing it. I hope this article stirs the American People,  All are elderly, or have elderly family members. All have some sort of illness if they have ever gone to a doctor. Psychiatrists invent new illenessed for children time after time…then a life of addiction! I see no hope for America. We need leadership and we don’t have it now. The health indursty is the only thing growing.

Talking-Back You people think your pissed off now, wait until you read this. All of the hard working tax paying citizens of this country will be forced to pay for health insurance plus pay astronomical prices for medications while all the illegal immigrants will be handed these luxuries on a silver platter to go along with their FREE college tuition and driver’s license. WHAT’S WRONG WITH THIS PICTURE????????
PETER SCHARDT   Why isn’t anything done? Because congress is bought off. Campaign contribution is a sweet way to say Bribery!!! Someone needs to step up to the plate and say enough is enough.
The FDA needs a total overhall as well with congress.
phrannie S   This is going to get interesting once the government starts running health care…the whole scenerio scares the crap out of me (course, I’m 62….and I’m sure the powers that be would much rather have me pushing up daisies, than collecting Social Security. When the true cost of universal health care becomes apparent, don’t think for a moment that the elderly aren’t going to be dropping faster than they are now.

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